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I am being bold by naming names here in Cleveland. In many ways, most of the DJs adapt to the local taste and the crowd of the specific venues. The thing is –  as a salsa dancer, I have my own preference, and I want let people know who are my favorites. I do go […]

Memorable Times


“What is remembered defines your life.” My fascination with Wong Kar-Wai’s film became more intense after watching his 1990 film ‘Days of Being Wild’. The main character, Yuddy(Leslie Chung) is not exactly a model citizen. He seduces women, doesn’t mind using forces on other guys, then doesn’t really care whatever happens to himself. Apparently his […]

It has been a while since I wrote blog on Cleveland salsa scene. I think I will update this blog more often. I have been involved in starting one of the most successful salsa venue in Cleveland are – and I still love salsa dancing. As long as I can remember, the salsa dance venues […]

Recently I am noticing that many good things are happening in Cleveland Salsa dancing. More and more people are getting involved in salsa scene. A few new salsa venues have opened up. I get to be invited to nice salsa venues and parties and get to meet many other dancers, enjoy dancing, and make new […]

Baila Duro Lounge Review (Held at Philippine Hall, Parma, Ohio) Last Visit: June 2010 When: First Sunday of The Month,  6:00 pm  – 9:00 pm Cost: $10.00 This is a one and only, and one of a kind monthly salsa dance social in Cleveland. This salsa venue has been going on since 2006. The good […]