“Dancing with the feet is one thing, but dancing with the heart is another.” (by anonymous)

I have been dancing salsa at least for a few years. I started as a ballroom dancer so I began to dance salsa in mambo style. When I went out to local dance clubs and various salsa venues, and through taking classes, I picked up some moves that reflects “street salsa”(LA style) . Having learned salsa in Ohio, obviously I can’t dance cuban style salsa. And I began to be exposed to different styles of salsa dancers.  What is the characteristic of a good salsa dance (regardless of style)?

I’ve seen many good salsa dance performances – but first place champions of salsa contests are not necessarily my favorites. My favorite salsa dancers are the ones that bring out joy in me as I watch them.   Here is an example.

Dancers: Keleti, Andrea & Palásthy, György

What is it that I liked about the dancing in the above?

I think it has to do with seeing dancers enjoy it while being true to the spirit of salsa dance — i.e. being playful, fun, joy, and appreciating some covert sexy gestures.

I do want to get better in salsa as well as other social dances. So this blog will hopefully first educate myself further in my pursuit of enjoying salsa dancing, then offer readers bits of information on how to go about learning salsa dance and also about participating in salsa social scenes – particularly in, but not limited to,  Cleveland, Ohio —- yes proudly the number one city in U.S. — in terms of America’s worst winter weather according to forbes.com, and most of the time not even think about it —- ’cause I am still having fun, yeah baby !


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