Best Salsa DJs in Cleveland 2016


I am being bold by naming names here in Cleveland. In many ways, most of the DJs adapt to the local taste and the crowd of the specific venues. The thing is –  as a salsa dancer, I have my own preference, and I want let people know who are my favorites.

I do go out to salsa clubs and salsa venues in the area all the time. The atmosphere here in Cleveland is different at salsa congresses and salsa festivals. But I should not be traveling all over the country to different salsa festivals just because I am looking for better salsa dance music. I have already described in a previous blog what kind DJs we salsa dancers are looking for.

There are only a few DJs I will describe here. But these DJs do play the kind of music that fits my preference. You be the judge. So here we go !!!

DJ Vic Diaz

His salsa plays are pretty much a great mix of classical + romantica.
What’s so good about his choice? His salsa music choice is absolutely superb.

(1) Many familiar tunes make it fun to dance. Dancers prefer to dance to the songs they know. I am the same way.

(2) His choice of songs have great and clear rhythms. You would not believe how many times I am dancing on the floor and DJ puts up some song that is either too fast, or some vague rhythm (many Cuban salsa) and I just can’t go on. Yes, and I have seen DJs who play Aguanile every time I see them. That song may be a favorite  for the crowd to get excited. But it’s a nightmare for strict tempo salsa dancers like me. I do like the song, but the challenge is to dance fast enough to catch up to Aguanile, and you try it. You may be so out of breath even before the end of the song. That’s because many of he DJs are not actual salsa dancers. We not only move back and forth during the dance, but we turn, and try to do turn patterns. We can deal with some fast songs, but cannot deal with fast fast songs one after the other. In this sense, I remember dancing to DJ Vic’s play and at the end of the night, I said to myself, Oh boy, I just did not want to sit down at all all night because his selections are so superb.


Normally he will be playing a good mix of bachata, merengue as well. So I vote him as No 1 Salsa Club DJ in Cleveland !!!!





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