Live & Love Salsa Dancing



It has been a while since I wrote blog on Cleveland salsa scene. I think I will update this blog more often. I have been involved in starting one of the most successful salsa venue in Cleveland are – and I still love salsa dancing.

As long as I can remember, the salsa dance venues in Cleveland has come and gone. As a passionate salsa dance lover, I could not get enough of it for years since the only salsa night was on Friday when the majority of dancers come out. But with the opening of Nazca Restaurant & Bar, now I can count on having a venue where the place is crowded with salsa dancers as well as other party lovers who crash into salsa scene and enjoy a night of dancing to hot Latin music.

I have been fortunate to be involved in one of the most popular and successful salsa dance venues in Cleveland right now. The salsa venue I go to is Nazca Restaurant & Bar located in Warrensville Heights, OH.

Nazca Restaurant & Bar is owned by Chef Cesar Mugaburu who was born in Peru, and grew up in Cleveland area, then studied in Europe, and returned to Cleveland and started his own Peruvian restaurant to deliver a great fusion of traditional and modern taste of Peruvian cuisine.


New Year’s Eve Gala at Nazca Restaurant & Bar

I am also teaching salsa at Cleveland Salsa Passion dance studio located next to Nazca Restaurant & Bar. Love of salsa dancing is what drives me to share the joy of salsa dancing.

If you are interested in learning to dance salsa, Cleveland Salsa Passion offers a 5-week LA style Novice Salsa classes. The joy of dancing to the hot Latin rhythm does transform life i believe. I get to meet many people with the same interest. When I go to other cities, it’s so easy to meet and get to know other dancers. In many ways salsa dancing is such a catalyst in life.

Live and Love salsa !!!!!


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