Here We Go !



Here we go! Cleveland was determined to be the America’s worst winter weather city in the whole U.S. according to “Cleveland gets hit by lake-effect snow, averaging almost 60 inches every winter and its frigid winters help produce an average annual temperature of only 50 degrees, 10 degrees below the 50-city average.”

Really? O God. As a Clevelander, therefore, I welcome global warming that is someday going to turn this city into a tropical paradise. But I know it’s going to be a longtime before it happens if it happens at all. Guess what? I really did not know Cleveland had such a bad winter weather until did their research. Partly because people get used to where they live, and, almost certainly because I know how to use Jedi mindtricks. I do keep hearing people complain about snow and all. Then I hear people saying they like cold weather and that they cannot stand Florida type weather.

What’s the point? Yes, for those that are miserable in Cleveland, I am about to reveal my great Jedi mindtrick. Please pay attention. OK. Now Jedi mind trick time. Watch the following video clip, and read the following if you are miserable because of bad winter weather in wherever U.S.A.

The answer is simple. Find some ways to have fun indoors. Then you don’t care what happens outside. Ah we have to drive, yes. There’s always TV for those who does not want to drive. All the better, I believe there will be a virtual dance club device(in 3-D) in the near future. You can stay home and pick out a dance partner(or multiple partners if you prefer) from the device, and you can dance off the night (yes you have to wear 3-D glasses). How cool would it be for those who do not want to deal with harsh winter weather?

But the rest of us – those who does not mind driving through snow, or storm, there is always fun waiting for us in the America’s worst winter city, Cleveland, Ohio.


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